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Image Policy

Photo Warning:

The photos on this web site are provided to assist you in making a choice of species and the various grades that a given wood is offered in and also to give you some species-specific ideas as to:

  • the color change to expect over time

  • the color or grain range to expect in a given wood or grade

  • other related characteristics or issues to be found in a given wood or species

We are proud of the amount of technical information we offer on our web site and the depth of that information.

However, these photos have the following limitations:

  • Color in the photo may vary from the actual wood due to:

    • the translation and reproduction limitations of photography

    • the limitations of viewing photos at web site resolutions

    • the limitations and/or variations of viewing photos on your individual monitor with its variable color and/or resolution scheme

    • in the grade photos, we show only five or six pieces of wood and, as your floor will contain thousands of pieces, there WILL BE greater variation in grain, color, and/or character in your floor than can possibly be shown in just the five or six pieces in the photo.

  • Color change will vary from the photo in terms of the amount of change that will occur. This is due to the specific conditions at your installation site, resulting in either lesser or greater color changes than the ones we have created in our test for the color change photo.

  • Grain and character variation will be, for the same reasons as listed for grade photos above, greater than that shown in the photos.

  • The batch of wood from which these photos were taken may vary from the batch of wood from which your floor was milled. The reasons for this variation between batches includes:

    • wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike to start with, while the same wood growing in different locales can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species.

    • freshly milled wood will differ in color from older stocks as the older stocks will have aged and undergone color change. The photos may have been taken from freshly milled stock or slightly older batches, which would affect the color in the photo.

Hand Sample Warning:

Given the limitations of photography, we suggest you make your flooring choices from actual samples of the wood and not photos as:

  • you will see the actual color and graining

  • photos cannot show the look or sheen of factory-applied finish; so, for all pre-finished flooring formats, one needs to see actual samples

Additionally, we suggest:

  • DO NOT make your flooring choice from just a few hand samples - be sure to request a full box of flooring in order to see a greater range of color, grain, and/or character than can be shown from just a few hand samples.

  • Then, when your flooring arrives, BEFORE INSTALLING, open several boxes and "dry-rack" them out as a floor in order to see the batch of wood you are getting. Then:

    • if this batch of flooring is acceptable, proceed.

    • if not acceptable, return the flooring.

    • we strongly suggest that, even if the flooring is acceptable, you review with your installer and/or buyer what to do with any exceptionally light, dark, and/or odd-grained pieces. The questions you should ask are:

      • should you install them as they come out of the box, or

      • should you "dry-rack" the flooring out before installing and then make a  harmonious blend of color and grain, and/or

      • should you either discard the very light, dark, and/or odd-colored pieces and not install them or should you use them, but only in closets and other "hidden" areas.

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